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How do you feel as a mother

Are you mom and sometimes feel overwhelmed and would like to have a balanced life? Would you not only like to be a mom, but would also like to do something for your self-determination so that you are prepared against poverty in old age? Would you like more orientation and knowledge of how things can continue for you personally? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. I also find it difficult to make the right choice for myself or my family. The market for mothers is so confusing and there are so many options.
Mamiversum Event

10 workshops and only 1 ticket!

Flexible participation possible. Everything for a relaxing time as a mother!

Mama sein
The Mamiversum marketplace should help you to find a service that is right for you, which subsequently helps you to achieve greater satisfaction and work-life balance. I wish that you do not forget your needs for exercise, relaxation and professional development!

Search for the right provider for you on the Mamiversum marketplace!

You can sometimes take your child with you!

Or visit the workshop events with special topics for mothers

I would also be happy to support you personally in finding the right offer for you.

In addition to a face-to-face meeting, an online appointment is also possible via zoom. i

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Optimize your everyday life as a mother

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